Top Tips for Bad Weather Driving

Another important reason to attend a driving school is to learn how to drive effectively in bad weather. When weather conditions are at their worst, most of us would prefer to stay indoors or drive shorter distances as slowly as possible. But what does one do when weather conditions worsen as we are out driving? If you want to know how bad weather can impact your driving or know how to drive well in poor weather, then enroll at driving schools Craigieburn now.


When driving in the rain, you should turn on your care headlights. This is one useful driving tip you pick up during your driving lessons Epping, as it helps you see better in cloudy conditions when it is dim. You could even turn on the headlights as well if the driving laws in your country permit it. This lets the other drive gauge where your car is so that they can keep it at a safe distance and determine their driving speeds.

Snow and ice

If the roads are covered with ice or snow, then accelerate or turn the car very slowly. Driving instructors at driving school south Morang will also show you how to approach turns in the correct way, whether it’s an intersection or a curve in the road. The rule of thumb is to not accelerate at all but instead to brake very slightly as you make the turn. This driving action prevents the car from spinning out of control.

Ice makes roads slippery and causes tires to spin faster. So, when you press on the gas, the tires move even faster and might even get tuck on the ice. Take care to look out for black ice; these are thin and translucent layers that get camouflaged on roads and cause cars to spin-off.


Fog reduces visibility,so you should turn on low beam lights along with the headlights. High beam or regular headlights get reflected off the water, fog, or air, making it tougher for the driver to see outside. While most safety precautions are taught at driver schools, but it is recommended that new drivers avoid driving in foggy conditions.

If you do have to venture outdoors, then keep the car in your lane and avoid overtaking as you may not clearly see oncoming cars. The white lines on the middle of the sides of the roads can be used as a driving guide. This helps you spot the road and stay on it, and if you need to make turns, leave the turn signals on for a longer time to be on the safe side and to give more time for oncoming cars to notice you.


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