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Raja Driving School Broadmeadows

Raja Driving School Broadmeadows offers the best driving lessons in Broadmeadows and surrounding suburbs. You can trust our licensed and certified driving instructors with a 100% customer satisfaction rate. The uniqueness of our school is that our driving instructors are multi-lingual who can speak English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali to avoid language barriers.

In addition, our driving instructors are professional and we offer the cheapest driving lessons which start from just $45.

So what’s holding you up? If you are looking for best driving schools Broadmeadows , feel free to get in touch with us today. We offer services across Melbourne Northern Suburbs.

No matter if you are a novice or an intermediate driver, our certified instructors can certainly sharpen your driving skills, make you a confident driver and pass the driving test with ease. Give us a call at 0421-229-034.


3X60 mins + Test* – $330
5X60 mins + Test* – $450
10X60 mins + Test* – $750


45 mins + Test* – $200
60 mins + Test* – $220
90 mins + Test* – $260

Why Choose Us?


We have the highly-experienced and well trained instructors who have the expertise in Safe driving courses & Rules of the Road.


All our trainers are COMMERCIAL PASSENGER VEHICLES VICTORIA ACCREDITED and they have years of experience as a driving instructor.


If you are looking for a perfect time to get enrolled to the driving course, this is the time! You can get enrolled as a trainer or a trainee today.


The pricing structure is what segregates us from the rest of the driving schools. You can count on to get the best quality driving lessons!

What Our Customers Say

Some Words from our happy clients which inspire us!

“Best in Melbourne. Just follow the instructions he is providing and get your license in first attempt”

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Take one more step towards self-sufficiency - Drive by yourself!

In the modern world, we always talk about self-sufficiency. Here everyone wants to be self-sufficient in every aspect of their life; whether it's been cooking, cleaning or making money, we try to learn each and every skill to ensure lesser dependency on others. Then why you want to depend on your driver or any other family member to drive you to the destination always? Don't you think you should also learn the lessons of driving to ensure self-sufficiency in commutation as well? If yes, then the best Driving Instructor in South Morang is here to serve this purpose and make you self sufficient in driving as well.

Learning the basics of driving is not that simple; you need an expert trainer who can teach you all the basics of driving in different conditions and roads. If you really want to become an expert driver, you should look for expert trainers who have sufficient experience in teaching the basics of driving to different sections of society. If you are looking for the perfect Driving School in Coolaroo for yourself or for your teenage kid or for your middle-aged wife or for your retired father; Raja Driving School should be your first choice. As here we taught all the basics of driving in the easiest manner and can help you to become an excellent driver.

Why you need experts?

Not everyone who can drive is capable to teach driving to others!
Often we try to learn the skills of driving from our friends and family members and gets failed miserably because teaching the basics of driving to someone else is quite different from driving on your own. And due to this reason you need an expert who knows how to drive as well as how to teach driving to others. If you are also in search of such experts then they are available only at the best Driving School in Deer Park i.e. Raja Driving School.

What makes us special?

There are numerous specialities that make us different from any other driving school in the town, and you can't understand all of them just by reading a text. If you want to know the difference then you need to visit us and explore our methods of teaching the driving lessons only then you can rectify how different we are from others. Some of the key features of Raja Driving School that you will not find in any other Driving School in South Morang are-

● Optimum safety measures-

At Raja Driving School our first concern is the safety of our learners. We understand that when you are naive in the process of driving you are vulnerable to commit different mistakes and it may lead you to severe accidents and can harm the learner as well as fellow passengers. Due to this reason the responsibility of trainer increases by 1000 times. On our platform, you will find only the highly experienced Driving Instructor in Deer Park who will take complete responsibility for your safety.

● Flexible timings according to your convenience-

All of us want to do millions of things but the problem is that we can't manage the time. But if you want to learn Driving Lessons in Coolaroo from our expert trainers then you don’t have to manage the time at all, as we offer flexible timings according to your convenience. This feature makes us different from other driving schools in the town. You can choose early morning slots, late evening slots, or daytime slots as per your convenience and schedule.

● Certified trainers-

You can't trust anyone to teach you the basics of driving for that reason we only have certified trainers to provide Driving Lessons in Deer Park. On our platform, you will only find COMMERCIAL PASSENGER VEHICLES VICTORIA ACCREDITED trainers to provide the best training to the learners.

● Best offers-

Last but not least point that makes us very much different from others is the affordability of rates. If you compare our plans with any other recognise Driving School in South Morang then you will always get the affordable option on our platform. So if you really want to learn all the basics of driving from i.e. from A to Z without paying much then Raja Driving School should be your first and the only choice.

We are a well-known platform in the town and have one of the finest Driving Instructor in Coolaroo to serve society and help them to fulfil their purpose of learning the lessons of driving. We completely understand the fact that teaching driving to someone is the task of great responsibility and we are always ready to fulfil the expectations of learners through our expert learning program that cover all the aspects of driving. After completing the driving course from Raja Driving School you can comfortably drive any vehicle in any location. You will not hesitate for a second before turning on the ignition because we will not only work on your skills to handle the vehicle but also on your confidence and interpretation which are quite important to make you a complete driver. So if you are also tired of searching for someone’s assistants to take you to your desired destination, join the driving classes immediately to become independent for your driving needs. If you don't know then let me tell you that driving is a great pleasure itself. Once you learn this art then you will like to drive long distances and it becomes an activity of utmost pleasure and peace that you want to do again and again.

When you want to get complete control over the ignition! When you do not just want to drive indeed want to drive comfortably and confidently! Come to Raja Driving School to learn the best Driving Lessons in South Morang. In case of any query call us direly or drop a mail.

So be ready to take complete control over the steering of your vehicle and life!


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