Simple Fuel Saving Tips Certified By Driving Instructors

Once you begin driving your car after acing your lessons, you will have to learn one more driving trick. That is to know how to be efficient in maintaining your car and the fuel it uses. It is important to know how to use fuel correctly so that there’s less impact on your earth and your wallet! In fact, why not try learning how to drive in a fuel-efficient way when you take up Driving Lessons in Melbourne? Here are some tips from driving instructors to help you out with this.

Tire pressure

Check the amount of pressure in all tires before you begin driving. Otherwise, make it a monthly routine and correct the pressure if it doesn’t feel right as it helps lower fuel consumption. Look at the driver handbook when practicing at your Driving school in Bundoora with help on how to inflate tires correctly. You will find a similar guide normally placed in the driver’s door of your training car.

Understand road conditions

Your instructor will show you how to read a road correctly. This helps when you have to view oncoming hazards, predict how other drivers prevent you from braking or accelerating your car. Limiting the amount of accelerating or harsh braking when driving can help you to save on fuel.

Driving slowly

Instructors emphasize slow, careful driving, where you cruise along at a safe 70mph instead of 75 mph, which can make a huge difference to your fuel bills. Learn how to master the accelerator pedal at your Driving lessons in Werribee. For example, place less pressure on the accelerator can keep the vehicle at a constant speed limit.

Driving lightly

Don’t carry around too many tools in the car when you drive around. Items like a roof rack or even a full boot can push the car to burn more fuel. Your bill will get even bigger the longer your trip is. Learn how to drive lightly during your lessons, as this is one habit that will save you a lot of cash later.

Manual driving

Instructors say that automatic vehicles use much more fuel when compared with a manual car. Automatic cars change gears much slower than a driver would. So, each speed notch will be higher than usual, using up more fuel. Use a semi-automatic car will be the perfect compromise between the two.

Cruise control

This is a fuel-friendly driving mode for long journeys undertaken on longer, flatter roads like motorways. Cruise control can keep the car engine and the speed consistently, saving you more fuel in the long run.

Want to find out more interesting tips on saving driving fuel? Register now at your local Driving Lessons in Melbourne school and see what’s new in the motoring world!!


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