Is It Tougher To Learn How To Drive In Your Thirties?

It’s never too late to learn anything – you can paint, dance, cook and even drive! The legal age to begin driving in Bundoora is 16 years and the minimum learning period is 6 months. However, a survey shows that many people begin driving at the age of 26! Here are some good reasons to learn to drive in your thirties.

Heightened awareness

As a grownup, you have a better sense of caution that young drivers lack. So, when practicing turns at your Driving school in Bundoora, you will be more confident. This boost of confidence might help you to learn faster and pick up the technical terms faster. Unlike teens who are excited to get behind the wheel, older learners will learn quickly and learn well.

Better knowledge

As an older driving learner, you have one more benefit working to your advantage. This is extensive knowledge about your local roads, streets, right lanes, and signposts. So, when you practice at your school, everything will make sense as you begin to visualize your driving path.

This ‘street smart’ will make you a better driver once you are driving along actual roads. Teens don’t have this, and they take much longer to learn and in getting their techniques right. It takes them a while to drive correctly on actual roads as well.

Stress relief

There’s one more thing that older drivers learn at their Driving Instructors Coolaroo. Driving to work helps you to empty your mind and distress – if only for a short while! One reason is that you have to focus on the road ahead of you.

The other reason is that driving can be a relaxing activity where time seems to disappear. So, on the one hand, your mind is fresh when you begin learning; and while learning, you pick up on instructions faster.

Driving serendipity

You can be pretty useful to other people or on road trips with your newly acquired driving skills. You become more independent as well because you no longer have to wait to be driven around. You get to save on time and money spent waiting for your cab, bus, carpool to arrive. You can even sign up to drive your kids’ carpool to school or ferry your friends or family across those long highways on road trips.

There are other reasons too; many teens today are careful about the environment and prefer using public transport. Others can’t afford a car of their own to drive around in. However, if you are in your 30’s and want to get behind a steering wheel, register yourself at a good Bundoora driving school. Also, keep these few interesting things in mind to encourage yourself.


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