Driving Offence: 5 Times You Didn’t Know You Were Actually Committing It

Driving is a highly specialized activity, and it requires knowledge of applicable laws to be an efficient driver. You must be aware that overspeeding is a severe offense and can result in penalties. However, some driving offenses are not so obvious, and you won’t realize that they are penalty worthy until you are fined. As the best Driving School in Melbourne, we are aware of all these offenses and ensure that you know it. Paying using your phone at a drive-through restaurant. Let’s start the list with the most common driving offense. We all must have at least once made a payment to a drive-through restaurant with our phone. Well, the truth is, if you were unlucky, you could have been fined a huge penalty fee. Driving School Melbourne makes sure you are aware that you are not allowed to use your phone while driving, even when making a payment to a drive-through restaurant. You can avoid this penalty if you just switch off your engine and also apply the hand brake, make a quick payment, and proceed with driving. Exceeding speed limit when towing a vehicle. Speed limits are traffic rules that you need to abide by irrespective of the situation. Some people consider speed limits as guidelines. Driving School in Melbourne instructs all drivers to follow strict guidelines, especially when towing another vehicle. The speed limits for normal driving and driving while towing a vehicle differ. Also, the speed limit is based on the vehicle being towed. Towing uninsured vehicle. Another consideration while towing a vehicle is that it needs to be insured. This point is extremely easy to miss out on and may result in a penalty. A broken vehicle is still a vehicle and needs to be insured if it is moved from one location to another, even with the help of another vehicle. Windscreen wipers and washers not functional Another common mistake among drivers is a broken wiper. People get pulled over for running out of washer fluid in their car’s water tank. Every tool in your car has a function and helps you in better driving. Hence, we highly recommend having a functional windscreen wiper and washer. Beeping your horn unnecessarily. Talking about function, horns are there to alert you about your presence. This helps in avoiding accidents. However, if you have been beeping your horns unnecessarily or angrily, you can be fined with a massive penalty. Also, there is a fixed time duration when you should not beep your horns. These are some of the uncommon driving offenses that you can get fined for, and you should avoid them at all costs.


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